Katy Chapman
Katy Chapman
Sustainability Director, University of Minnesota Crookston
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Katy Chapman is the Sustainability Coordinator at the University of Minnesota Crookston, where she
leads the Sustainability Minor (online and on-campus), serves as an advisor to the Crookston Students
for Sustainable Development (CSSD), works with facilities and dining staff to enact changes that will
bring the Crookston campus closer to its goal of becoming climate neutral. Katy also serves as a liaison
between the campus and the Crookston community and has recently formed a committee of key players
in the Crookston community to work together to bring the Crookston community into a more
sustainable and resilient future. She also initiated and led the Sustainable Life Series on the Crookston
campus. One of the goals of this program has been to highlight the breath of sustainability using the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework so that everyone on the Crookston
campus knows they have a role to play in the sustainability of our campus and our world. She holds a
Doctor of Philosophy in Agronomy with a focus on soil chemistry from Purdue University and serves as a
faculty member in the biology and environmental sciences program at the University of Minnesota